Don't Forget About A Thing Called Love

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EDC Las Vegas 2014



Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay

talk to me…

the word “throw back” does not even begin to cover it. 


Forever in love with this song

Hope to hear this again at EDC Orlando, so gooooooooood and that crowd…

Paul McCartney being interviewed after getting arrested for possession of cannabis.


So umm yeah just found this on someone else’s post under the Beyond Wonderland tag.
I am dying right now, I was so overwhelmed with happiness during Rebecca and Fiona and I’m so glad that someone captured this moment for me.

This made me tear up because I love that feeling where the music hits you and time stands still for a couple seconds and everything around you falls dead silent and all you hear is that one song that you love.

EDC Sets Record For Largest Stage Ever Assembled In North America
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EDC Orlando is coming!

EDC LV Main Stage 2014